The 4th of July is in t-minus six days, which means that we all have one thing on the brain: wieners. That's right, wieners. Hot dogs, for all those with dirty minds. There's nothing quite as American as taking a bunch of weird leftover meat, putting it in a casing, surrounding it with carbs, topping it with liquid versions of vegetables that have almost no nutritional value and eating as many as your free and brave heart desires.

But if you're getting a little bored with your wiener, this video is here to help. Brought to us by the culinary geniuses at CHOW, here's one easy way to make your hot dog even hotter. Watch the video for instructions. It takes less than thirty seconds, and brings the following benefits to your wiener:

  • A more even char for more flavor
  • More surface area for longer dog lovin'
  • Crevices to hold your condiments more evenly
  • It just looks cool!

Light the fireworks, bust your flag out and spear that wiener: AMERICA!

[video: 425x344]