Any avid beer drinker will tell you that finding the perfect beer for your particular tastes can be hard. Some are dark and heavy, others are flavored, and some are light and mellow. Variety is indeed the spice of life so why should beer be any different? There's a new alcoholic beverage on the market, that is being marketed exclusively to women: Chick Beer.


Out beer shopping one day, Maryland resident Shazz Lewis got the idea to develop a female-friendly beer after realizing that none of the choices spoke to her as a woman. Described as a premium American lager, each bottle of Chick Beer has a mere 97 calories and just 3.5 carbs per bottle. Sounds like a pretty good deal considering the average beer is double the calories and carb content.

Lewis goes full throttle with the packaging, using pink and black as the main colors in the design concept. The bottle is designed to look like a woman in a little black dress and the beer carrier is reminiscent of a purse. Some people will probably think those combined factors are somehow oppressive to women and maybe for some women they are. Perhaps maybe, for some women however, they aren't. Chick Beer isn't the only women-targeted alcoholic beverage on the market. Skinny Girl Margarita is a cocktail drink created by reality TV star and natural food chef Bethany Frankel, that is geared towards women who want to get their drink on without piling on the pounds. Skinny Girl Margarita relies on a similar business model that targets women with cute packaging, low calorie content, and a lighter flavor.

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Right now Chick Beer is only sold in Maryland, but Lewis is currently in the market for distributors and looking to expand in the very near future. While I personally haven't been searching high and low for a women-friendly beer, I certainly welcome the option. What say you BUST-ies? Think you need a beer that's strong enough for a woman, and made for a woman? Or were you just as happy guzzling Pabst Blue Ribbon tall boys?

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