Here at the BUST offices we spent most of our days working on the current issue of the magazine. The rest if the time however, is spent looking at cute animal videos, playing a current blog post themed game of charades and discussing things like moon cups and plush stuffed reproductive organs. (don’t ask) Today we spent some of that time giggling at the YouTube channel “Cooking with Dog”.  I began watching more and more of the videos narrated by Francis the poodle I actually started to learn something about Japanese cooking! I became mesmerized by the precise chopping  and perfect sushi rolling techniques demonstrated by Francis’ human companion.The bento box video was my favorite, I never knew how much work it took to get a lunch to look that cute. All this foodie talk inspires me to jump into my kitchen, if only my dog could talk I imagine my cooking endeavors would be a lot more adventurous and video worthy. Until, then I discover how to make that happen, her head tilted, ear perking expressions will have to suffice.



[video: 425x344]

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