Here in NYC, we have been getting some terrible rainy weather. It has been gray, bleak and miserable. The May flowers are wilting and rotting in the May showers, and I haven't even gotten a chance to rock my new booty shorts...

Yesterday, I got a day off from the super-market I work at when I'm not interning for BUST. (Oh! The glamourous life of a cashier! What up product codes? How ya doing coupons?) When I found this out, I envisioned myself being productive, doing chores I've been putting off, cleaning my room... 

Unfortunately, none of this happened. I spent my day in a rain-induced Netflix coma, watching Empire Records, and wondering why people don't wear light blue fuzzy angora sweaters anymore. 


Alas, it's supposed to rain all week. The world's also supposed to end on Saturday. Judgement day is falling on the day of the BUST Craftacular.


So, amongst the doom and gloom, there is a beacon of springy, crafty goodness headed our way! We got over a hundred vendors, and a ton of super yummy food. The first three hundred people are going to get some seriously sweet swag.

Until then, we just need to get like this kitty cat, and deal with it.


[video: 425x344]