Using methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Lisa Fortin of the Brooklyn-based Placenta Healing Arts provides new mothers in the NYC area with placenta encapsulation, tincture, and art print services. After the birth of her second child, Lisa Fortin decided to seek out placenta encapsulation services, but instead taught herself how to do.   As an alternative to the ancient ritual, Fortin provides a less threatening technique by processing the placenta down to a powder and then encapsulates it into approximately 80-110 capsules.

 Through the consumption of the placenta, a woman is able to restore and replenish her body from what was lost during childbirth. It is an all-natural way to for women to cope with postpartum depression and encourages an abundant milk supply, a technique much more common on the West Coast but is quickly expanding.

 Ideally the placenta should be processed two to three days after childbirth, although it is still possible to encapsulate a previously frozen placenta as well. In addition to encapsulation, Fortin also provides placenta tincture services that can be stored indefinitely. This technique is extremely beneficial for both the mother and child. It can be used to do cope with both PMS and menopause, as well as growth spurts and teething for the child.  By using the blood and watercolor paper, Fortin also can provide a print of the placenta as a keepsake.


 Although many are skeptical about placenta consumption, it can be assumed that there no known risks, and is seemingly helpful for both the mother and baby. Read more about Placenta Healing NYC here.

[Brooklyn Based "The Afterbirth Pill"]

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