The first Government Women’s Report since 1963 was released today. The report focuses on women’s issues such as health, violence, and income. One of the main findings of the 97-page report was based on income inequality. Though women attend college at the same rates as men, and the amount of women in the workforce is almost equal, female labor is still valued at significantly less than their male counterparts. Women earn 75% of what men earn, regardless of level of education.

As a result of this, women are more likely to live in poverty than men. This is especially true in minority families supported by single women, where the poverty rate is particularly elevated. The number of women raising families without a spouse has increased since 1963, and women who marry tend to do so later. Women are having fewer children and are older when first giving birth.


The amount of women aged 8-64 without health insurance has increased. Though women live longer than men, they are more likely to suffer from problems such as depression, asthma, obesity and arthritis.


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