In the 16th century, a Florentine chef named Bernardo Buontalenti, “Talenti,” brought his legendary frozen creation to the Medici family – gelato. 500 years later, this Dallas-based company named for the man who started it all is churning out gelato and sorbet products made from all-natural, fresh ingredients.



History lesson aside, this gelato is GOOD. It’s creamy, flavorful and completely natural (and kosher!) The ladies of BUST Magazine took some time out today to test out 9 different flavors of gelati and 3 sorbetti. After much trial and tribulation, and possible weight gain, we have decided that Dulce de Leche is the much-loved, must-have flavor. This isn’t to say that the other flavors weren’t good too! With real Tahitian vanilla beans, Belgian chocolate, real fruits and crunchy hazelnuts and pistachios – each individual gelato/sorbetto is jam-packed with tasty goodness – and absolutely no preservatives! Other flavors include: Caramel Cookie Crunch, Sicilian Pistachio, Toasted Almond, Hill Country Peach Champagne, Blood Orange and Caribbean Coconut.



Seriously, go pick up some Talenti gelato at your local grocery store. Let us know which is your favorite flavor!


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