Good boob tube news:  Amanda Cohen, chef and owner of the East Village all-vegetarian standout Dirt Candy, will be competing this Sunday against Masaharu Morimoto himself in what may in fact be the first ever all-vegetarian contest in Iron Chef history.  You may remember Amanda's name from an earlier post on recognizing women in the professional kitchen.  And if you don't, that's totally cool because no one needs an excuse to watch the glory of Iron Chef unfold on a Sunday night.  The episode airs tomorrow at 10 PM on the Food Network.  And for those of us in New York City, Amanda is throwing a viewing party at Angels and Kings (500 E 11th Street) starting at 9 PM.  Tuning in is a cool way to show your love for lady chefs (who are, in turn, doin it for themselves).  And when the history of Iron Chef is told, you can say that for this moment--the first all-veggie competition--you were right there watching.  

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