I keep hearing on the news that the reign of cupcakes in the fad-food hierarchy is finally coming to an end. And while I think that the idea of trendy food is kind of dumb, I couldn't help being intrigued by an article which predicts that "Popsicles" and frozen treats will the next big thing. 

The "Popsicle" was invented on accident in 1905 when an eleven year old accidentally left water, powdered soda and a stick outside on a cold night. Since then, the food, and the name, has stuck.

With record heat recorded almost everywhere in the country this summer, the idea of icy treats becoming more widely available in more interesting flavors sounds divine. But the best thing about frozen treats is that you can make them yourself out of whatever you want. All it takes it sticks, available at craft stores, and ice pop molds, available at craft and grocery stores. Use frozen yogurt, fresh berries, fruit juice, smoothies, tea with mint, chocolate covered bananas -whatever you want as long as it will freeze.


Or, if you want some inspiration, check out the super cute book Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone by Krystina Castella. That picture above? Its Castella's favorite recipe in her book, the no-bake-cheesecake recipe. 


So, what makes a food trendy, anyway? Some theorize that Americans love food trends because of the abundance of cultural diversity in our country. I attribute the existence of the cute-food trend to visual sweetness. Cupcakes and popsicles; just so darn cute.


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