Ladies, apparently we’ve been consuming delicious sugary treats without stopping to consider guy's feelings.


Even worse, we’ve been tainting them with our cutesy designs and confections.

But now thanks to the New York cupcake company Butch Bakery, men can satisfy their sugar tooth without having to jeopardize their masculinity.

Owner David Arrick refuses to serve anything that looks remotely like the "frilly, pink-frosted, sprinkles-and-unicorns” cupcakes that us women like.

Rather, his cupcakes are made only of the finest of manly ingredients. These of course include beer, whiskey, bacon, crushed pretzels, chest hair, wild buffalo blood, and diesel fuel.


Ok, so I made up the last three things. But seriously, who puts bacon in cupcakes?

As for making them with alcohol...I must say, I’m intrigued. It turns out, half of the bakery’s twelve cake varieties will get ya buzzed.

But to make sure women know that these cakes are totally for bros, not hoes, they’re topped with a layer of frosting and a chocolate disc featuring manly patterns like camouflage, houndstooth and plaid.

I feel like Arrick is really underestimating my love for booze and chocolate.

Too bad I don’t like the taste of misogyny.


Source: "Cupcakes Get 'Butch' with Sweets for Manly Men." --CNN 



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