Avocado is super high in fat. So high in fat, that restaurants like to exclude it from the nutritional info because the caloric and fat content is just that high.  But the fat content in avocados is strictly monosaturated fat - which turbo charges your bodies ability to absorb vitamins and boosts your metabolism. A small avocado averages 45 grams of fat. But, don't let this number deter you from consuming this super healthy food. Instead, try to eat an avocado every day. Smother it in extra virgin olive oil, another healthy fat.  Make a healthy guacamole by mincing a clove of garlic, chopping about half of a small jalapeno and mashing it all up with two avocados and then covering it in lime juice. Super easy, cheap and extra good for you. For breakfast, add avocado to scrambled eggs and add some garlic infused olive oil to the mix. Eggs sometimes get a bad rep for being high in cholesterol, but they are high in protein and in B12 - a fat burning vitamin. Eggs also contain choline - a water soluble nutrient that is often found in fish and its essential to brain development. Just don't skip breakfast. Instead, mix oatmeal with wheat germ, blueberries, dried cherries and molasses. Oatmeal is full of soluble fiber - which reduces your cholesterol. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart disease. 


Fat has a bad reputation, and its really not fair to the foods that are so good for you. Many people judge a food on its fat content, but next time, check out the carbs and sugars instead.

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