Today's PETA ad in the Chicago Tribune has set off a maelstrom in the blogosphere. People just love to hate PETA. But for this? Because it's tacky? As opposed to what, the way these animals are treated? In playing the first character on TV to have an abortion, Arthur didn't exactly shy away from controversy in her lifetime. And that stone cold stare? Classic Bea/Maude. The fullpage ad explains everything, and not in fine print. Arthur supported PETA in her lifetime and left them a donation in her will. To the namby pambies out there who call this a stunt, it's hard not to credit at least some of the decline in fur sales to PETA's activities over the past 30 years. This campaign is so specific--calling on McDonald's to stop cruel slaughterhouse practices--it hardly qualifies as a gimmick. According to the PETA website, this afternoon they're planning a "spirited" protest outside a downtown McDonald's. We'll be watching for those reports...



Props to vegansaurus for being the first to alert us to this via their blog.

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