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Planning a socially distant BBQ? Boost your offerings' flavor with these barbecue sauces crafted by women.

1. With a slight teriyaki profile, this saucy sauce from Pamela Jones is made with real bourbon. Charboy’s Bourbon Sauce, $8.99, charboys.com


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2. A Queer Eye feature shot sisters Deborah and Mary Jones to fame and this classic sauce keeps them there. Jones Bar-B-Q Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce, $6.99, jonesbbqkc.com

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3. Megan Day and her husband Jason bring traditional Kansas City flavor with their sauces and rubs, including this slightly smoky pick. Smokey KC Barbecue Sauce, $5.99, burntfingerbbq.com

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4. This organic, date-sweetened, hint-of-chipotle sauce from Michelle Kopman is cold blended and artificial preservative-free. Organic Original BBQ Sauce, $7.49, motherraw.com


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5. Try a Mississippi-style mustard barbeque sauce from the sibling stars of former Food Network show The Shed, Brooke Lewis and Brad Orrison. Mississippi Gold, $6, shedbbq.com

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By Callie Watts

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