goth purist

I have news to warm your little goth hearts. Little Damage, an LA-based ice cream store, has added an almond charcoal ice cream to their rotation, and the color is a luscious black. You can go full goth with charcoal ice cream and a matching charcoal cone, or you can spruce it up with some colorful toppings. 

Here are 7 pics from their swoon-worthy Instagram that melted out hearts.


1. Purists can fulfill their monochromatic dreams with black on black on black.

classic goth

2. Or, you can get a little black and white action wit a dusting of coconut flakes.

goth coconut

3. Let's not forget the rainbow goth aesthetic, because you know we've all been to Hot Topic.

Licked it

4. Live wild and pair your black ice cream with an electric blue scoop for some icy magic! 

black and blue

5. If you're just flirting with the dark side, go for the black cone for a subtle hint of goth.

black cone

6. You can fully indulge the black and neon with black toppings to boot! 

black and pink

7. Sometimes, though, it's great to be a purist.

goth purist

Images via Instagram/LittleDamage

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