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Whether you’re looking to impress or just want to have a little fun with your food, turning pasta pink with beetroot is simple and stunning. This subtly sweet vegetable is full of detox power, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. Beets are also very versatile and can be baked, boiled, or fried into a chip. We decided to use the vibrant juicy color to add a little flair to our spaghetti. But fair warning, my hands and shirt were splattered a very pretty color of magenta when putting this recipe together, so consider throwing on an apron. With this recipe, you can flavor your pink pasta any way you’d like, or make a yummy beet sauce—which likely won’t win over the traditional Italian grandparents, but might make your girlfriends geek. We especially love this recipe for a birthday dinner, holiday party (just add pesto for the green and red look), or parent who needs a new mealtime trick. While we’re pretty sure Dwight Schrute never made this pink pasta recipe, we admit he was on to something when it came to loving beets.



½ lb. pasta of your choice

2 qtrs. water

2 medium fresh red beets

Dash of olive oil


Heavy-bottom saucepan

Blender or food processor


Optional: Garlic, lemon, rosemary, salt, pepper, tahini, paprika

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Peel and cube beets, then add to a heavy-bottom saucepan with water.

Turn on low and bring to a simmer. In about 15-20 minutes, fork a beet. If it’s tender, remove the beets and put them in a blender or food processer.

Bring the colored water to a boil, then add pasta.

Cook the pasta for about 8 minutes, or until just undercooked.

Add ½ c. dyed water to the blender of beets before straining and placing the pasta in a bowl.

Puree the cooked beets, then add 1/3 c. of the puree to your pasta.

Stir thoroughly, coating all the pasta pink.

Once you’re done, throw the pasta back in the strainer and rinse off the beet puree. (If you’re into the taste of beets, don’t strain.)

Now, you’re left with bright pink pasta and the remaining beet puree. Try using it as a sauce by adding a few cloves of garlic, a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkle of rosemary, and salt and pepper to taste. I personally used mine to make an awesome beet hummus by whipping together tahini, paprika, and the same ingredients listed above.

Heat up the saucepan with a bit of olive oil and finish cooking your pasta with whatever flavors your little heart desires.

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