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Whether you’re hosting a haunted get together or just want to sip something boozy while you watch scary movies alone in the dark, treat yourself to this spicy take on a classic Dark and Stormy. Instead of the traditional lime wedge garnish, it’s topped with a round orange slice and a clove (to resemble a pumpkin, of course). For a frightening finishing touch, it gets doused with blood, aka Peychaud’s Bitters. Cheers, witches. 

Red Rum // Makes 2 cocktails

1 orange
Peychaud’s Bitters
4 oz. dark, spiced rum?Ginger beer
2 whole cloves




Cut two round slices out of your orange that are slightly smaller than the rim of two stemless wine glasses and set aside. Add a single squeeze of orange juice to the bottom of each glass along with a quick dash of bitters. Add two ounces of rum to each glass, followed by a handful of ice. Fill the glasses almost to the top with ice-cold ginger beer, and stir gently. Put the pointy end of one clove into the center of each orange slice, then carefully place a slice, clove side up, on the top of each cocktail. Just before serving, generously douse the orange slices with more bitters.

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Words and cocktail photo by Emily Farris,, @thatsfestiveaf


Top photo from The Shining

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