It’s not surprising to learn that the latest studies say veganism is on the rise. More and more people are becoming educated about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, such as better long-term health, a reduced environmental footprint, or not contributing to animal cruelty.

However, with veganism becoming more popular, high-end restaurants can demand more money for healthful and aesthetically pleasing dishes, which can make going out to dinner a break on the bank. Especially for individuals in high school, college, or their early adult life, budgeting is already stressful enough. It’s more than often way cheaper to simply cook at home (and arguably more enjoyable because...no pants).


And whether you’re looking to make a total lifestyle change, or just try a new meatless recipe for dinner, Instagram can be a great tool. I especially appreciate food bloggers who make recipes that don’t require obscure ingredients that most people can’t access or that cost a foot and a leg at Whole Foods. So here are some awesome vegan women using the social media platform to provide us with some inspirational, drool-worthy, actually make-able vegan recipes.



Jasmine Briones, the woman behind @sweetsimplevegan, is probably my favorite account right now. Her website reveals her full backstory, in which she writes honestly about her troubled history with an eating disorder, and the ways that veganism has helped to heal that. She also does a lot with her boyfriend @consciouschris, and the two are a plant-based couple’s dream. Check her out for everything from sweet snacks, breakfast nachos, homemade bagels, and some oil and refined sugar free recipes!



Caitlin Shoemaker runs @frommybowl on Instagram, but uses her full name on her YouTube channel. She lives in Florida and uses her blog to promote “practical and realistic” healthy living, which I think is refreshing and altogether important, since most of us don’t only want to eat salad for every meal. Check her page out for some ongoing yoga-inspiration and delicious recipes like mango zucchini blondies and breakfast pizza!



Branded as a source for “cruelty free living and ethically sound eats," Margaret Chapman spearheads @plantphilosophy. Her page has a variety of vegan recipes, from baked fries to sushi, and you can also sometimes catch a photo of her beautiful cat.



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Amanda is a nutrition + dietetics student as well as a self-proclaimed “chocolate fanatic.” Her page is super varied, from gym routine photos, mindfulness book recommendations, honest stories about her family, and of course lots of delicious homemade recipes (make her chocolate pancakes with carob sauce if you have a sweet tooth!)



If you’re familiar with the vegan community at all, you’ve probably seen one of Taryn’s tee-shirts. Her clothing collection is filled with punny and vegan-themed sayings, but she also has a certificate in plant based nutrition from Cornell, which means the girl can cook. Her Instagram is a mix of restaurant shots and homemade dishes, but the amazing presentations and colors will be sure to give you inspiration regardless. Get ready to drool over some vegan donuts and pizza.



Brittni aka @Bwhitesides is a vegan mom and barre instructor, who gives followers a super realistic and approachable lens into her life. She talks about the stuff that other people may not mention (like when you have to awkwardly assemble your lunch in your car before a class) but still pulls it off effortlessly. And if you’ve never tried a sandwich with peanut butter and fresh strawberries, you’ll probably want to after checking out her page.



UK-based Madeleine is the author of an e-book called “Versatile Vegan” and in that spirit, her Instagram doesn’t disappoint. From stunning travel shots to some (admittedly really cute) photos with her boyfriend, you’ll learn a lot about Madeleine’s whole life from her social media. Plus, there are plenty of easy to make recipes like a full on falafel spread or an epic pancake stack.

Top photo via @sweetsimplevegan

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