florence bearse drinking wine

Say hello to Florence Bearse, who just celebrated her 100th birthday earlier this month in Bangor, Maine.

The upbeat centenarian, interviewed by her local television news station WLBZ at the Westgate Center for Rehabilitation, revealed that wine has helped her live a long, happy life.


“Oh, I like my wine. Don't take it away from me,” she said, while wearing a pink-and-white Hawaiian lei and a beaded "Birthday Princess" necklace.

Bearse, a former restaurant owner and recreational ballroom dancer from Massachusetts, fell in love with Maine’s scenery and moved there decades ago.

“Maine is beautiful,” she said. “I tell everybody, ‘You want a trip? Go to Maine.’”

Bearse had a birthday party on July 6th with friends and family, complete with a cake, balloons, bouquets of flowers, gifts of wine glasses, and – of course – a bottle of wine. As seen in the video news report, she spent her time joking around and laughing during the party.

She also gave some honest advice, during a live chat hosted on WLBZ 2’s Facebook page nearly a week later, for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest.

“Don't take any baloney! Don’t be afraid to tell them to get lost if they get too fresh, too noisy,” she said. “Be outspoken – tell ‘em, and that’s the end of it ... and walk away a lot of times and say, ‘Get lost!’”

She also revealed that a glass of wine at night before going to bed is the “best medicine in the world.”


But Bearse was also confused as to why people thought making it to 100 is a big deal during the Facebook Live segment.

“Why? What’s amazing about it?” she asked. “Just take care of yourself growing up. Do your hair, do your face, and take care of yourself. There’s nothing to it!”

And with that said, let’s raise a glass and make a toast to Bearse – thank you for being you and for loving wine, just as much as us!

florence bearse shock with winePhoto: WLBZ-TV

Top photo: Screenshot, WLBZ // Facebook Live


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