olivia pope with wine

Happy National Wine Day! While sometimes these hashtag holidays can get out of hand (did you know yesterday was National Scavenger Hunt Day?) we are always down to celebrate our favorite fermented grape adult beverage. Whether you're a wine connoisseur like Scandal's Olivia Pope (above), or you can't tell the difference between Trader Joe's cheapest vintage and a classy bottle like Parks & Rec's Leslie Knope (and me), we've got the perfect TV-lady-drinking-wine-gif for you.

1. Betty Draper on Mad Men



2. Amy Schumer on Inside Amy Schumer

amy schumer

3. Issa on Insecure


(I can't find a gif of Molly and Issa at the wine tasting but also THAT SCENE)

4. Cersei on Game of Thrones


5. Olivia Pope on Scandal

olivia pope

6. Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope

7. April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation

april ludgate

8. Kristen Wiig on SNL



9. Betty White

betty white

10. Mindy on the Mindy Project

MindY Kaling

11. Stella on The Fall

the fall

12. Liz Lemon on 30 Rock

30 rock

13. Cookie Lyon on Empire


14. Linda on Bob's Burgers

bob's burgers

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