It's been feeling a bit like a TB ward over at BUST HQ lately, what with my never-ending cough, Callie's horrible ear infection, and assorted other bugs and germies making their way 'round the office. But last night I came across this video for how to make ginger tea, and I'm gonna make it as soon as I get home tonite. Plus, how adorable is this video? Su-Mei Yu is so warm and motherly, just watching her make ginger tea makes me feel comforted already!

Want more of Su-Mei's magnificance? Visti her blog, , where she's also posted videos about making almond paste and almond milk for your skin, how to peel a pomelo, and how to cook Gaeng Khae.


If you're feeling too sick and/or laz to make your own ginger tea, and you live in San Diego, you can head on over to one of Su-Mei's restaurants, Saffron, and have them serve it up to you. 

 What do you make when you're illin?

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