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If ever there was a day to eat your feelings, today is it. In honor of #NATIONALCHEEESEDAY, here is some food that won't fix anything, but might just make the pain go away for a bit.

Mac 'n' Cheese, what can I say, gooey all over, golden and silky smooth. It has the carbs that cradle your stomach and the cheese that tells your brain everything is going to be okay, because as studies show, cheese induces the same effects as heroin.


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Nachos, my number one. The food that is so good I should just marry it. And maybe one day I will. Until that day, when I am down, or hungover, or celebrating, or devastated, I will turn to you my cheesy, crunchy, spicy mound.


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You know how cheese is great and how fried stuff is awesome? Well, cheese curds are little balls of heavenly cheese, breaded and deep deep fried in order to quell your deep deep fears about the next for years.

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On a budget? Just can't wait? Make some popcorn and put some cheese on it. You can use the packets of Kraft box: shred some cheddar as anger management, or if you're of the zen persuasion, shake some parmesan on to shake the day off.

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Hey, I get it, vegans need love too. You know kale ain't gonna cut it today, so check out this recipe for vegan cheese. This might be the only cruelty-free treat you get this year.

vegan cheese

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