A Recipe For Poop Emoji Cupcakes For When Everything In The World Goes To Shit

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This past week has been one of the shittiest in human existence. So there’s no better time to bring you a recipe for poop emoji cupcakes. We’ve had this excerpt from the book CAKEMOJI: Recipes & Ideas For Sweet-Talking Treats in the works for the past few weeks, since before the election, when the world was a brighter place. Back then, the cupcakes seemed funny and cute. Now, they still seem funny and cute, but they’re also very, very appropriate.


So, make these to celebrate making it through the first week after Trump’s election, or make them for a creative Thanksgiving dessert, or for your friend’s birthday, or for any reason whatsoever, really. They're good shit. Enjoy!





You will need:
12 chocolate cupcakes

One quantity chocolate buttercream

Small amounts of fondant in each of the colors needed to make the facial features: black and white

Edible glue and paintbrush Paper template (below)


1. Roll out the white and black fondants on a lightly dusted worksurface to 3mm (1⁄8 in.) thickness, preferably using spacers to ensure an even thickness.

Cakemoji 1


2. Using the paper templates and a sharp knife or small oval and round cutters, cut out 24 eyes and 12 mouths from white fondant, then 24 pupils from black fondant.

Cakemoji 2


3. Using edible glue, stick the black pupils centrally on top of the white eyes. Once you have cut out your fondant shapes, leave them to dry for 2–3 hours so they are easier to handle.

Cakemoji 3


4. Fit a large open nozzle in a piping bag and fill with chocolate buttercream. Before serving, pipe buttercream swirls on each cupcake.

Cakemoji 4

5. When piping, use smooth circular motions and lift the nozzle upwards as you complete the swirl. This ensures perky poops.

Cakemoji 5

6. Carefully position two eyes and one mouth on each cupcake, pressing the fondant features gently into the buttercream piping.

Cakemoji 6


7. Don’t forget to photograph your poop cupcakes and share them with the hashtag #cakemoji.

Cakemoji 7

Cakemoji 8 end



Cakemoji CVR 9781849497909 

Recipe excerpted from Cakemoji by Jenni Powell, published by Quadrille, $14.95 hardcover, available now from bookstores everywhere.

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