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Sometimes, I just want the cocktail without the hangover. Delicious, non-alcoholic drinks are both underrated and amazing. Here are some fun, yummy mocktails to make on your sober night. 

raspberry lemon


Raspberry Lemonade Fizz

This drink is perfect for those long, summer days. 

strawberry pina colada

Strawberry Pina Colada

A must-have for every beach getaway, and it's good for you too!

citrus strawberry

Citrus Strawberry

You won't believe how delicious this unexpected fruit pairing is. 

frozen peach bellini

Frozen Peach Bellini

A classic cocktail, without the champagne and with all the yummy peach goodness.

grapefruit and rosemary

Grapefruit and Rosemary

Great for every sophisticated brunch.

mint mojito

Mint Mojito

This non-alcoholic mojito is the most refreshing mocktail on the list, guaranteed to cool you down.

sparkling blue hawaiin

Sparkling Blue Hawaiin

Non-alcoholic drinks can be fun, bright colors too! Bonus points if you add a little umbrella.

sparkling rasp

Sparkling Raspberry

A great addition to any and every celebration!

raspberry cloud


Raspberry Cloud Punch

This is probably my favorite mocktail. It is cute, sweet, fun, and guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face.

hugs on the beach

Hugs On The Beach

Get it?

 watermelon marg

Watermelon Margarita

This may be the biggest surprise on the list. It is SO good, and great for big parties. Not every marg needs tequila.

strawberry coconut

Strawberry Coconut Lava Flow

It's as heavenly as it is aesthetically pleasing. 

tequila sunrise

No Tequila, Just The Sunrise

Because let's base it, the best part is the grenadine anyways.

blueberry lemonade

Lemon Blueberry Cooler

Make it in pitchers, you'll want more than one glass.

cherry bomb

Cherry Bomb

It's basically a Shirley Temple, but everyone loves those anyways.

rose lemon

Rose Lemon Spritzer

You will be nothing short of amazed with this drink made with rose water. Note, the recipe includes the option to include vodka if you'd like.

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