Guiness Ice Cream Float via The Pioneer Woman

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! A perfect excuse to draw a shamrock on your face with that green eyeliner you only use once a year to...draw a shamrock on your face... and hit the pubs to celebrate!

RECORD SCRATCH! It’s Thursday, you have to work tomorrow!

Buuuuuttt, nothing’s stopping you from drinking at home! (Shamrock on your cheek optional). Pick up the ingredients for these St. Patrick’s Day-inspired boozy concoctions on your way home tonight and get ready to kick up your heels — on your coffee table, that is!

Guinness purists, go stand outside the room for like five minutes. Are they gone? Good. The best way to enjoy Guinness is poured over ice cream! This Guinness Float recipe via The Pioneer Woman (above) is so simple, you’ll be able to make it again when you’ve come home wrecked from the bars on Saturday!

The Witty Comeback via Bon Appetit

This classy AF whiskey cocktail is dedicated to the witty Irishman Oscar Wilde: the Witty Comeback, via Bon Appetit! Wilde once said, “I can resist everything except temptation,” and I’m like, “Me too! Except change that to ‘temptation and whiskey.'”


Baby Guiness Jello Shot via Slim Pickins Kitchen

There’s always room for Jell-O, and Slim Pickins Kitchen's Baby Guinness Jell-O Shots serve a double whammy of Guinness and Bailey’s Irish Cream in a cute widdle Jell-O shot package! Awww I'm gonna dwink you yes I am!

Irish Flag Cocktail via Mix That Drink

Post these Irish Flag Shooters via Mix That Drink to your Instagram this St. Patrick’s Day and you’ll definitely get at least 50 likes! Or maybe you’ll just get schnockerd. Either way, it’s a win!

Giants Gate Cocktail via About

Named for the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland and St. James’s Gate, where the Guinness distillery in Dublin is located, you can’t ask for a more Irish mashup than the Giant’s Gate Cocktail, via Irish whiskey and Guinness stout together? WOAH.


Celtic Twilight via Roadtrippers

Frangelico makes my giddy heart skip a beat, so you know I’m gonna be home tonight giggling into the Celtic Twilight cocktail via Roadtrippers. It has all good things: Frangelico, Baileys and Jameson! Now I am counting the minutes until I can put this in my mouth!

Boozy Shamrock Shake via Sugar Cloth

Yes, Vanessa Williams, we saved the best for last: It’s the drink you’ve been waiting for! It's the Boozy Shamrock Shake via Sugar & Cloth, and it’s PURE GENIUS!  You can whip up a batch at home in no time! 

Remember: Alcohol always tastes better when you’re wearing sweatpants! Don’t drink and tweet, my little leprechauns, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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