Fall is one of the most wonderful times of the year for a wide variety of reasons including sweater weather, back-to-school keggers, spiced everything, and above all else: pumpkin. For the foodies looking to rekindle their love affair with the number one ingredient of the season, look no further than these recipes below. 

1) This pumpkin pie using fresh pumpkin

Making this traditional pumpkin pie from scratch will be well worth the hours slaved in the kitchen. Trust us. 

2) A chimchurri pumpkin bowl

If you have yet to introduce chimchurri to your diet, then we suggest you start right now -- it's similar to pesto because it combines herbs, vinegar, and red wine to make a thicker paste. When matched with the sweet flavor of pumpkin and texture from noodles, one hell of a dish is served. We don't suggest eating the four-serving meal in one sitting, but we won't judge you if you do. 

3) A pumpkin cocktail for those nights when the turn up is necessary 

There are a number of pumpkin and alcohol recipes out there, so get to it. Pictured is a bourbon pumpkin pie milkshake from How Sweet It Is. Oh, baby! 

4) Roasted pumpkin soup for the soul

Martha Stewart always serves realness, so it should be no surprise that her pumpkin soup is better than the best; it only takes 40 minutes to make too. You can do that with your eyes closed.

5) Cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds for the snackers out there

These sweet pumpkin seeds are the perfect snack before, after, and during all your daily meals. Plus, the seeds are vegan, and 100% good for you! 

6) Minimalist Baker's gluten-free pumpkin bread because white flour is overrated

Having a gluten allergy is not the biz, which is why recipes like the one above are as glorious as they come. Whether you have a food allergy or not, this bread is a must-try!

The pumpkin party doesn't stop here, read our 10 Quick & Easy Meals to Make With Pumpkin if you want more. 

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