It’s a hot day, you’re a hot lady, and it’s five o’clock somewhere—enjoy the “poptail” hour with these boozy popsicles. Fruity, creamy, and super chill, these frozen treats are easy to make and perfect for summer evenings (or afternoons, or anytime at all). Kick back with a great book and a popsicle, or break ‘em out at party!

Peach Bourbon Lemonade Popsicles

So dangerously simple and mouth-watering. Recipe here.
Dirty Pirate Popsicles
Rum and coke for the lady pirate in us all. Recipe here.
Papaya Breeze Popsicles
Such a pretty color—a delicate poptail fit for a princess. Recipe here.
Cherry Lambic And Cream Popsicles
Fruity lambic beers are deliciously strange and sour, and frozen and paired with cream, this popsicle is WILD and great. Recipe here.

Peach Sangria Popsicles

You can sub in any other fruit you want, and the results will still be sweet, refreshing, and DELICIOUS. Recipe here.

 White Russian Popsicles

Not just for the Dude anymore. Recipe here.

Tropical Tequila Sunrise Popsicles


A sunrise worth getting out of bed for. Recipe here.

Bourbon Butterscotch Latte Popsicles

It’s kind of like your favorite frappuccino hanging out with your badass grandma, in the best possible way. Recipe here.

Vodka Gummy Bears Popsicles

Candy for grownups. Recipe here.
Pina Colada Popsicles
Instant transport to the beach. Recipe here.

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