Well, it's Good Friday—that leaves you with one day until the Nightmare Before Easter. You should probably quit whatever you're doing and start cooking for Easter Sunday right now. Psych. We're just going to pin all of these recipes to our Pinterest boards while we contemplate how many Cadbury eggs would be appropriate to eat. Here are nine of the cutest recipes that you could just eat year-round—because why limit eating Oreo bark to only one day a year? 

1.) Honey Glazed Bunny Rolls



2.)  Easter Cupcakes Baked In Real Egg Shells 

3.) Bunny Bait

4.) Caramel Egg(cellent) Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies



5.) Sunflower Peep Brownies 


6.) Easter Oreo Bark 



7.) PEEPS Easter Bunny Dirt Cake 

8.) Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Eggs 

9.) Cadbury Creme Egg Pull Apart Sweet Rolls

And for those of us celebrating Passover, here are some fab flourless goodies: 

10.) Easy No-Bake Chocolate Matzo Cake 

11.) Chewy Gooey Flourless Chocolate Cookies