Here at BUST HQ, we are fans of many F words, but one of our absolute favorites has to be food. So we are trying a new series where we try out weird foods so that you don’t have to! It all begins with Fairway’s original Olive-oil flavored Ice Cream. We came, we ate, we reacted. Now enjoy our results!




"This is amazing. I love butter and anything that tastes like it could single-handedly destroy my arteries. I felt my heart stop and start again. This is a magical cloud of lipids. Delicious."



"Eating this didn’t give me the desire to rub this on a young greek man’s abs and for that reason I’m not down."



"It was pretty chill. It's subtle olive oil flavor was just the right amount of pretentious for any ice cream connoisseur, like myself." 

New Fall Issue d217c



"I'll be lucky if 'olive' for another day after all that sugar." 



"I'll eat any ice cream flavor. Olive oil? You got it. Lobster? I'm all over it. Asparagus? You know it. But seriously after tasting some olive oil ice cream this girl might have to get some of her own. You know, for deep frying and such."


So our decision is vaguely unanimous: we dig it, and we think you will too. Check out your nearest Fairway to try this deliciously strange ice cream, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

We'll see you next time on Tasty Tuesday! 

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