Here at BUST we’re big on crafting — we even wrote a book on it — so we’re super excited for the launch of a fantastic new fashion-forward DIY site,, that provides inspiration, knowledge, and an online community for all levels of makers this month.


Founder Nora Abousteit started Kollabora, which stems from the Latin word “collabo” meaning to work together, as a way to create an online community that shares knowledge and removes “barriers that prevent people from getting involved in using their hands to make beautiful, fashionable clothing, jewelry and accessories.” Prior to the launch of Kollabora, Nora worked for a German language sewing magazine that she reinvented into With her experience, Nora hopes to share her knowledge of sewing and knitting with newer crafters.

On my first browse through the site I fell in love with this absolutely beautiful blue crochet chain necklace and it looks simple enough that even I can make it! Which is saying a lot because I’m a mere novice in the world of crafting.


The site features tutorials for those just starting out and offers all the supplies you’ll need; you don’t have to travel to a ton of different craft stores only to come back empty-handed. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter of just dabbling in the world of DIY, you should definitely check out for an exciting new type of crafting experience. Everything you’ll need for your next project is all in one place.

Right now, BUST readers will receive free shipping off any marketplace purchase until October 31 (perfect if you want to cook up something for your Halloween costume) with the code: BUSTFREE.

Happy crafting!

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