Hi, all! I’m Maggie, one of BUST’s brand-spanking-new blog interns, and I’m moving into a new apartment.  This week, in fact!

This is an awesome thing because it’s gigantic and sunny and in a neighborhood that I love. Also, my current abode is a subterranean nightmare, and boy, oh, boy, am I excited to GTFO.

The new pad, although free of rats and creepy landlords, comes with its own, ahem, peculiar charms. Like low ceilings! Pink faux-marble bathroom tile! Blue plastic linoleum! Awkwardly arranged white kitchen appliances! Wall-to-wall carpeting in jewel tones!



These are details that would ordinarily make me run screaming from an apartment. But there’s something about it, kids. Don’t you agree?


Adorable future bedroom.


Spare room. SPARE ROOM. Is this real life?



The kitchen, complete with window for contemplative gazing mid-stir fry.


Bathroom. You can't see the linen closet-shaped nook, but you can see me! Hi!


Living room! Let's just not talk about that hole in the ceiling right now, mmkay?

A gal with better DIY skills might plunge purposefully into such a project, hammer and glue gun in hand, ready to make this flawed-yet-adorable place into a beautiful, homey nest. Unfortunately, I am not that gal. But armed with the BUST DIY Guide to Life and the helpful suggestions of the über-crafty BUST staff, I am ready to take on the gigantic project of making over my new place.

So help me, BUSTies! Which room do I attack first? Do I need to hire a carpet cleaner? Joists: what the heck are they? What kind of curtains are you supposed to use in a kitchen? What’s the point of primer? How do I clean grout? What is the meaning of life? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.


Coming up next week: PAINT!

Maggie Carr has written about TV, feminism, fashion, and other kinds of lady business for BUST and Thought Catalog, among others. She's never not tweeting about Kanye West at @racecarr.