Are there boring and/or fugly hand-me-down pillows inhabiting your basement and closet that you just can’t seem to find a home for anywhere in your apartment? Don’t toss them out, and don’t submit to the wallet-draining prices at Pier 1 Imports, Target, and Ikea. Thanks to Tip Junkie, even the most revolting looking pillow can be re-vamped without any sewing or measuring, for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.


If you don’t have a pillow to make over, your local craft store should carry plain, white pillows for all your crafty pursuits. I purchased this 14” x 14” pillow on sale from Jo-Ann Fabrics. Go for any size you want, as long as the shape you’re working with is either a square or rectangle. As for the fabric, make sure the length is twice as long and the width is three times as long as your pillow.


To start, place the pillow in the center of the fabric with the patterned side facing outward. No need to measure—just eyeball it.


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Next, fold the bottom part of the fabric towards the pillow’s center, then the top part of the fabric towards the pillow’s center. The pillow should be completely covered up.


Fold both ends of the fabric so that they form a triangle, then repeat on the other side.

Use both of the ends you just folded to tie a square knot. This part requires a little bit of adjusting to make sure the knot is centered on the front of the pillow. Adjust it to your heart's desire, make sure the knot is pulled tight, and voila! Display the bow-like side for a little bit of pizzazz, or flip the pillow over so it’s flat and more comfortable to lounge on.


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