Mother’s Day is only a couple of days away, but there's still time for you to make a crafty, handmade gift for the moms in your life. Here are some great tutorials for gifts that can be made after a quick trip to the craft store (or your craft closet).

1.  Easy, breezy summer scarf


This only requires some scissors and a soft, large T-shirt! A few snips and you have a stylish scarf.

2. Pretty framed chalkboard

It’s surprisingly simple to make a useful and attractive chalkboard for your mom. A spare frame, some chalkboard paint, and you’re halfway there!

3. Paint Swirl Vases

I love a craft that looks way fancier than it actually is. I, like the blog author, have seen this done with clear Christmas ornaments before, but this is even better.


4. Clay pots for tiny plants

Tiny plants (especially succulents) are so trendy right now, with good reason. They can spice up practically any space, even a dreary cubicle. This tutorial shows you how to make a beautiful set of pots for some quirky plants.

5. Slightly more sophisticated than a coupon book

If you’re really jammed for time, this is still pretty adorable (you just need some colored paper and a printer). I mean, a commitment to quality-time with your Mom is always special, and wrapped up with her favorite movie snacks, this is a cute last-minute (but sincere) gift.

6. No way will I ever make this

Sorry, Martha. Disembodied body parts are never sweet, just creepy. 

Images:; craft images from their respective websites.


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