Cat hair is a real nuisance. It gets all over everything you own, making you and your lint roller the best of friends. But instead of throwing those huge hairballs away, what if you used them in your next crafting session? A new book will help you turn Mr. Whiskers' castaways into wearable, hangable art.


Kaori Tsutaya’s new book, Crafting With Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make With Your Cat, tells you how to make mittens, finger puppets, and decorative details using your cat’s hair. The book--which was recently translated by Amy Hirschman from Japanese to English--makes being a crazy cat lady seem positively adorbs.

Cat hair may not be the most conventional crafting material, but it may lead to moments of brilliance, like Tsutaya's mini portrait of her cat, made from the cat’s OWN HAIR.

Or perhaps you want to make a finger puppet in the likeness of your great aunt’s tabby.

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Maybe you’ve been looking for a new journal, one that features a little cat playing a piano or reading Kafka. Why not turn your cat's hair to felt, and whip up one of your own?

The book also gives helpful tips about brushing and caring for your cat. Best of all, it features pictures of cute kitties saying hilarious feline things in cartoon thought bubbles, making readers feel as if they're eavesdropping on private cat conversations. The cat enthusiast in your family would swoon if they saw this book sitting under the Xmas tree or menorah. I'm just saying.

Not so sure? Read one lady’s take on crafting with cat hair here.

Image source: Quirk Books

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