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CMJ is over and now I can stop telling everyone about how I talked to more people in these past five days than I have in the past two months. I also feel like I’m going to have a hangover for the rest of my life, but I guess that’s just a price to pay. 


Aside from the fun there is to be had in seeing a crap ton of new and exciting bands back to back to back, my favorite thing about CMJ is all the free stuff. And don’t try to lie, because I know it’s your favorite too. On Friday night I attended a showcase at Pete’s Candy Shop where I met Brooklyn based jewelry maker Shanna Nash. She was asked to offer up a few of her pieces for a raffle that ended up not taking place, but I didn’t know about any of this until I saw a friend of mine pop up wearing one of her pieces (a dinosaur eating a piece of pizza) and attacked him asking where he got it, and how I could get one. He led me over to Shanna and after a bit of begging, she gave me the beautiful necklace that is pictured here. I don’t even like jewelry really, but I was super stoked to have this and when she offered up a little velvet bag to take it home in I was like “no way, I’m gonna wear it!” The weight of the charm is amazing and it sticks out just enough to ever so slightly injure people when you hug them. Check Shanna out on Etsy right HERE and get one for yourself. 

[Kelly McClure] 

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