I miss my dog. I haven’t seen Itchy, my family’s 14 year-old lhasa-poo, since I left Ontario in April. You know what would be great? If I could carry around a memento of her all of the time that would remind me of her cuddly softness, her twitchy whiskers, her cold wet nose… And finally that day has come.

Artist Jackie Kaufman’s custom pet-nose print necklaces allow this kind of pet-to-owner long-distance intimacy that you can carry close to your heart all day long. The pendant is sterling silver and handcrafted by Kaufman with your pet’s name engraved on the back. The artist will mail you a kit with instructions to make a mold of your pet’s nose with non-toxic materials which you then mail back to her. Kaufman found her niche as a unique jewelry maker after she took a jewelry-casting course and fell in love with the process of carving molds in wax and melting metals to form custom creations.


What would Itchy think? Ask yourself, is a pet-nose necklace really right for my pet and me? Pros: you have a very unique piece of jewelry, you can start conversations by displaying it prominently and you can bond with your dog while making a mold of her nose. Cons: you have to wear a necklace that looks like a dog’s nose.

New Fall Issue d217c

For all you crazy sentimental pet lovers out there, I think you know what your weekend plans are. Pet-nose mold-making of course! You can also get a paw print necklace, or a custom finger print pendant to fondly remember your favorite human by. 

Finger print necklace

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