As much as I love thrifting, some of what you can find in the average consignment store isn’t wearable off the second-hand hanger. I’m not a skilled-enough sewer to be able to take a piece of clothing and reshape it on my own, but given the right instructions I could totally turn awkward vintage finds into something wearable. 

Summer Phoenix and Ruby Canner, owners of Some Odd Rubies vintage store, visited the one and only Martha Stewart to teach viewers how to turn a long secondhand skirt with an elastic waistband into an adorable DIY shift dress. Their shop in New York City’s Lower East Side sells reworked vintage pieces. Martha even asks them how they would rework the tiger-print top she is wearing... awkward! The pieces listed on the store’s website are a little pricey, but luckily we can use their instructions to DIY!


The directions are simple and easy, and as soon as I get near my sewing machine again I can’t wait to try it out! Find the instructions here and get thrifting and find yourself a cool skirt with an amazing pattern! Watch the video; Martha seems disproportionately excited about the sewing machine being gray. I mean, it’s not even a fun color.