Oh, June weddings! Normally it would be good luck to have rain on your wedding day, but if you were wearing a gown made of toilet paper you might end up in your birthday suit. 

AOL’s “StyleList” blog announced its contest winner for their Cheap Chic Weddings' 6th Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress competition, and this dress by Galit Zeierman of Ramat Gan, Israel is for sure a winner. I’m not a fan of traditional wedding dresses, but this dress really combines my love of all things crafty, sassy, and sweet. The flowery detail on the first place dress is pretty amazing for your average dress, and um, it’s made out of toilet paper. There’s even a little bird to perch on your shoulder or in your hair made out of toilet paper. Did I mention the whole thing is MADE OUT OF TOILET PAPER? Congrats Galit for crafting to the extreme!


Hey crafty ladies! What’s the weirdest material you ever used for a project? 


Photo: AOL