This charming, illustrated bladder was drawn by I Heart Guts, a company that creates whimsical cartoon organs with a mission of love for our bodies and their bits. It gets better- you can now wear your organs now as an accessory too. And who can deny the sarcastic jargon that comes with recognizing our bodies? Urine for a treat with this golden gem.  So next time you’re hating your bladder for that painful UTI which never seems to go away; let this cute bladder remind you to love yourself- and drink more water.

i heart guts bladder


I Hearts Guts also makes clothing, toys and accessories; all with your anatomy in mind. Check out the adorable stuffed mammary gland-  "the gland of milk and honey"… the perfect gift for all boob enthusiasts. Browse the company’s blog next time your feeling down about yourself- your-in for a laugh.


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