One thing that every Fashion Designer knows (and all aspiring designers should) is that making something that looks like a delectable piece of cake, usually isn’t. Tamar Daniel, designer and founder of Hokey Croquis, is making the creative process a little bit easier. Designers, leave some room amid your briefcase of swatch books and French curves for the Fashionflat Sketchpad. This handy little tool is a bound sketchbook for croquis illustrations; the simplified flats used in production and order forms. Rather than bothering with tracing paper and Photoshop, the outlines of the front and back view croquis disappear when scanned into digital format. Leaving you with a fraction of the work! With a sweet design and clever tie enclosure, putting this book to heavy use is a sinch. Currently the sketchpad is only available with adult female croquis (sorry menswear!) but spread the word and make a request to this burgeoning businesswoman and we’ll be sure to see more in the near future! I’d love to see this tool offered up for designers to create books of their own custom croquis.