It's probably best for my bank account that I can't go to the LA Craftacular on Saturday -- one BUST shopping extravaganza was hard enough on my wallet. But if I could go, and had lots of cash with me, I'd definitely hit up the I Heart Guts table. I'll admit it -- when Craftacular guru Susan said 'You gotta check out this lady's plush uterus,' I was more than a little skeptical. But surprise! These guts are adorable, and I heart them, too.

The I Heart Guts website features little tidbits of info about all your favorite internal organs (in case you need to brush up on what the spleen does), as well as an awesome store full of t-shirts, pins, stickers, and plush organs. I'm crushin' hard on the limited edition faux patent leather Black Heart with metallic stitching and a little tear of blood. I'm also really into this t-shirt that says 'I got the beat!' with a bouncing heart illustration. So, to review: I Heart Guts will be on hand at the LA Craftacular with guts galore for you to hug and love! And if you're not on the West Coast this weekend, see if one of these stores can provide you with your very own stuffed pancreas.


photo courtesy I Heart Guts

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