craft on draught 1Crafting and beer. Seems like the perfect combination, no? If so, then maybe you should take your drunken, creative self over to Spacecraft Brooklyn (at 355 Bedford Ave) tonight from 7-10 pm for the first-ever meeting of Craft on Draught.

The group will be meeting the first Thursday of every month, alternating locations between Spacecraft and 3rd Ward . This month is ''Spring Cleaning 1 - Swap Monster Scrapplique.'' Bring your old (s)crappy clothes to be deconstructed and remade into something awesome. I think the Craft on Draught people say it best:''You provide the scrap, we'll provide the beer, inspiration, crafting tools and help.''

They'll also have scrapplique projects that you can buy - you know, just in case your inebriation gets in the way of making something passable for yourself.

It costs $15 - $10 if you bring a friend - which gets you entrance, free beer, and a raffle ticket. They'll be raffling off all sorts of crafty goodies like books, grab bags and gift certificates.craft on draught 2


Also, next month will be ''Spring Cleaning 2 - Felted Up for Spring,'' so you can bring in your old unloved wool sweaters and socks to be felted for you.

Just try not to spill beer on the scrapplique.




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