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As we finally eat the last of those Thanksgiving leftovers, we can officially announce that it’s go-time for the Christmas season. Every year someone around the world is wondering what to get for the ones they love most. Maybe another bag, another sweater, or another perfume gift set, but what about for the feminist friend? You could purchase another mug that says “Feminist” or another photo of Beyoncé in her “Formation” outfit throwing the middle fingers, or you could be daring and try one of these easy, thoughtful, and creative ideas. Here are five DIY gifts for your feminist friend. 

 1. RBG’s Prestigious Collar


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Got a political feminist friend? What better than to gift the collar of Former Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, Ruth Badar Ginsburg. While this brilliant tutorial by Katrinaosity is intended for a Halloween costume, we think the collar looks good enough to wear as a bling-y accessory. And honoring RBG's legacy, while empowering your feminist friend, is a powerful show of appreciation for both. 

2.  Dazzling Disk Curtain 

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If your feminist friend is an ultimate music lover, recycle your unused or old discs and transform them into a curtain perfect for an entryway or decorated wall fixture. You can even thrift a CD of some feminist favorites such as Beyoncé, Halsey or Lizzo for this great craft idea by Sirena Rosa.

3. A Necklace Fit For A Feminist

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If your feminist friend is also a jewelry enthusiast, creative mastermind Karen Kavett demonstrates how to create the perfect necklace while engaging in a fun yet informational conversation about feminism. She also shares two more DIY ideas that are fun and so easy, you’ll probably end up making all three.


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4. Light Up The Liberation

feminist candles 14 da9de

Is your feminist friend a regular at Bath & Body Works? Gift them this feminism-inspired candle they’ll definitely burn all year round. This tutorial by Rachel of DIY in PDX includes an easy-to-print label that will make any budget candle look like one of those high-priced ones.


5. Patch Out The Patriarchy

Let your inner Donatella fly by following Kozmic Blue's clever instructions for how to create a patch for a one-of-a-kind piece you won’t see anywhere else on the market. 

6. Sharp as a Pin

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These feminist pins by master crafter Madelynn De La Rosa, made with Shrinky Dinks and Sharpies, look so profesh your friends may not believe you made them with your own two hands!

Danielle Wright is a graduate from Texas State University with a degree in Journalism. Residing in Houston, Texas, you can catch her dissecting ChloexHalle's musical creativity or researching the latest fashion trend. You can follow her at @ungodlywrighter.

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