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Ever scroll through your Instragram recommended videos and find yourself fully entranced by slime videos? If so, you're not alone, slime videos have engulfed Instagram and YouTube — the preferred platforms of today’s youth. Seriously, slime has become such a DIY mainstay, there have even been glue shortages.


One elementary school girl is making a business out of slime. Zavia, a ten-year-old from Virginia, is using the popularity of slime to build herself an empire.

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It started with selling just slime out on the playground last year solo, but Zavia’s Workshop expanding into arts and crafts and slime supplies - she has two employees this year. The slime starts at 3 bucks a pop and tops out at $5. Zavia’s Workshop even sells fidget spinners, also $3, which Zavia’s friend crafts herself. 

So how does she go about making the slime? By combining glue, borax, hot water she can make the base slime. Zavia also makes interesting textures and colors by adding shaving cream, food color, and/or corn starch.

Once you've got your slime, what do you do with it? Simple: play with it. Or use it to make fart sounds. If you’re interested in your own slime from Zavia’s workshop, email Zavia’s proud aunt/BUST editor/witch/total babe Callie Watts at

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Top photo via Youtube/ASMR Darling, bottom photo provided by Callie Watts.

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