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Make your mark on Halloween with these super simple DIY fangs

Whether you want to run with The Lost Boys, get a taste of True Blood, be Queen of the Damned, or simply Let the Right One In, a little fang can go a long way this Halloween season. (Or all-year-round if you ask us.) Forget about complicated tooth molds and sculpting clay. All you really need for these sharp-looking teeth are fake nails and denture adhesive. Then follow these four steps to join the undead.

Press-on nails
Nail file
Fixodent (available at drug stores)



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1. Choose a press-on nail that will snugly cover your canine tooth (or whichever tooth you want to wear your fang on). Start with the smallest size in the package and work up until you find the nail with the best fit. Use scissors to cut the corners off one end of the nail, making a point.

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2. Use the nail file to file down the edges of the point into a semi-sharp fang. Repeat with the other same-size nail for your second tooth.

Bust Fang 4 glue edit 79456

3. To apply your fang, dry the tooth you want to wear it on. Squeeze a small amount of Fixodent directly on the concave back of the fang’s non-pointy end.


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4. Hold the Fixodent-side of the fang against your tooth for 10 to 15 seconds, or until you can easily remove your hand without losing the fang. Repeat with your second fang. Your fangs should stay put all night; simply tug them off with a little bit of force when you’re ready to come back to the land of the living. Wash off any remaining glue on your teeth with a toothbrush and warm water. Don’t eat with your fangs in; just tug them off, eat, and then reapply with another dab of Fixodent.

By Audrey Mabry
Photographed by Samantha Wolov
Model: So A Ryu; Hair an dmakeup: T. Cooper for Exclusive Artists using Ecru New York

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