We all could use more art in our IG feeds, so get your "Follow" finger ready. Each of these ladies is making truly incredible creations with a needle, floss, and some basic embroidery moves. Whether you're looking for project motivation or just general inspiration, these artists deliver, one stitch at a time.



Britt Hutchinson @tinycup_

This Chicago needleworker's chill skeletons are made all the more endearing (and impressive!) by their diminutive size.


Teresa Lim @teeteeheehee

Travel landscapes and simple outlines of her signature girls against colorful backgrounds are this Singapore stitcher's speciality.


Sarah K. Benning @sarahkbenning

Green up your feed with the flowers, succulents, and vibrant plant stylings of this Baltimore native living in Menorca, Spain.


Alaina Varrone @alainavarrone


This New Haven-based artist makes detailed portraits of everyday ladies and fictional feminist icons like Nancy Drew and Denver from Beloved.


Emillie Ferris @emillieferris

Lifelike pet portraits make this Suffolk, England-based artist's feed perfect for a regular dose of awww



By Lisa Butterworth

This article originally appeared in the April/May 2017 print edition of BUST Magazine. Subscribe today!

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