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Yogurt. Yoghurt. Yoghourt. Yo, gurt. Reining in many forms, it’s a diet staple. A cultured luxury. A wholesome family-friendly food. A tasty snack. But what other comforts can this fermented wonder provide? Warped in a cosmic Pinterest hole, I came up with a list of the most luxurious uses for yogurt. Enjoy your enzymes.

1. Face Mask
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Yogurt contains enzymes and lactic acid which help hydrate the skin, smooth it's texture, and provides a calming and soothing sensation. This easy four ingredient mask can be whipped up in a pinch. Treat yourself!

2. Make Luxury Soap
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Have some time on your hands? Wash it off with this fabulous DIY lavender lemon yogurt soap. So smooth. So luxurious. So clean.

3. Sunburn Relief
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Use that whole fat yogurty goodness to get some relief from awful sunburns. The yogurt will actually start to heal the skin since it’s rich in probiotics and enzymes and the cool yogurt will feel good on your hot, burnt back.

4. Hair Hydration
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Want to give your locks some extra love? Yogurt is a great ingredient for hair masks. Here’s a recipe for a deep cleaning and oil treatment.

5. Treat Yeast Infections
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Yogurt has a type of bacterium that’s also found in healthy vaginas. Applying yogurt to the vulva or injecting it into the vagina can provide sweet relief for those uncomfortable moments during a yeast infection.

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