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Spring has sprung! Well almost, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your summer garden started. Even in the smallest spaces your little plant friends can flourish with the right amount of TLC.

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No, not that TLC, I mean tender love and care. Because I don’t want no scrubs, but I do want some shrubs!

Here are a few little garden projects you should start this weekend to get those summer vibes flowing:

1. Mason Jar Herbs
Planting herbs is basically living at the height of efficiency. You not only get cute little plants to scatter around your apartment, but you can skip the grocery store and use them for cooking. Gotta save them dolla’s, girl!

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2. Egg Carton Garden
Egg shells. Useless, right? Think again. You can turn the former breakfast trash into the sweetest little garden. And it will fit right on your window sill! Adorbs!

3. Buckets of Tomatoes
If growing anything other than a cactus scares the Yeezus out of you, fret no longer. These tips and tricks will help you grow your own fresh, juicy tomatoes....OUT OF A BUCKET! And you can use those tomatoes to make your own PIZZA! It’s really a win-win.

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4. Hanging Shoe Plant Organizer
If you are ready to do some spring cleaning maybe you should toss out all those gladiator sandals you bought a few summers ago, but never had the patience to actually wear. If you make some room in your shoe organizer you could hang a few plants right on the back of your door. Seriously, why didn’t we think of this!?

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5. Teeny Tiny Teacup Fairy Garden
You can have your own magical plant world right in the palm of your hands with these amazing Teacup Fairy Gardens. All you need is a few of your favorite succulents, some really tiny accessories, and a handful of glitter to make all your dreams come true.

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6. Tea Tin Garden
One woman’s trash is another woman’s garden. That’s what I always say, ok I don’t, but it is totally true when it comes to these awesome Tea Tin Gardens. And if you’re more of coffee type gal, your containers will work too. No discrimination here!



So what are you waiting for!? Put that green thumb to work!

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