One look at this fully-restored and ridiculously cool vintage Airstream and I’m instantly brought back to memories of watching The Long, Long Trailer, starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz when I was a young girl with my mom. This film lent itself to many a daydream about road-tripping on the open road with only a tricked out Airstream, some great tunes and my bare essentials by my side. Even from my childhood bedroom, I could just taste the pork and beans we'd make and how I could practice howling at the blue corn moon with all sorts of magical, non-rabid animals.


Sadly, once I moved someplace where mobile homes were actually a reality, I learned quickly that they weren’t as magical as I had imagined (and hella expensive, wtf) and I thought to myself that someone had some esplainnin' to do.

Until I saw this one, created by New Orleans DJ/musician/artist Rusty Lazer and his amazing girlfriend Jami Girouard, who restored this entire 1976 Airstream. Try to look through these photos without drooling on your keyboard.


Check out more on his tumblr here. Oh and by the way, no, you're not dreaming.

And see Rusty Lazer live August 23rd at Brooklyn Bowl


Photos via Rusty Lazer