What can 3d printing do? Prepare to have your mind blown.

1) 3D DIY Sex Toys



(Via: New York Toy Collective)

That's right, you can print highly personalized sex toys in the comfort of your own home. This is not a drill. I am convinced that this is why 3D printing was created. The technology is almost in place to allow anyone to print body-safe pleasure objects. This is what the future looks like, people.



2) 3D – Printed Cast

(Osteoid by Deniz Karasahin)

This cast contains the technology to speed up recovery time and looks kick-ass while doing so. The idea that someone can break a bone and heal without having to deal with the itch/smell/general discomfort of bulky plaster casts is freakin' awesome.  


3) 3D Printed Bath Tub Wine Glass Holder


This doesn’t even need an explanation. ImagiGadget launched two crowd-funding campaigns and within 10 days, they raised more than 5 times their initial goal. Who doesn’t appreciate a good glass of wine in the tub?


4) 3D Jewelry

There is so much great 3D jewelry out there. If you just type “3D printed jewelry” into the Etsy search bar, it is like you've opened a treasure trove. One especially novel idea comes from the American Pearl Company, who created the “Jewelry Replicator.” If you have a photo of a family heirloom or special piece you lost, American Pearl can turn it into a 3D model and then print and sell it to you. This might be able to solve my longstanding problem of only being able to find one earring…


5. A 3-D Printing Pen

The Lix 3d pen is basically the magic wand of 3d printing. You can now doodle 3D objects in the air. I personally didn’t know I would ever be able to do this, but now life will never be the same.


Images courtesy of the New York Toy Collective, Cuni, Adesignawards.com, Wave Hooks, American Pearl, and Kickstarter

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