And the latest socially-conscious time-waster on the interwebz is...Putin's Gay Dress-Up. In protest of Russia's highly disturbing "anti-gay propaganda" legislation, one website has taken the fight for equality to the mannequins. PGD-U creators "want to make a playful stand against homosexual discrimination and legal actions taken under the regional anti-LGBT propaganda laws." All vocal opponents to Russia's policy are invited to make a doll, spread it around, and eventually mail it to the Kremlin. 


Here are some of the best gentlemen callers on the site's gallery:


Gloria Swanson Putin


YMCA Putin 

New Fall Issue d217c


Putin, at his woodworking shop in Santa Fe

Pussy Riot Fangirl Putin

While there's some problematic logic behind this mode of protest (a homosexual doll's wardrobe shouldn't necessarily consist of dildos and opera gowns...) – any traction-gaining F-U to a backward state agenda is probably for the best. You can find out more about the movement and whimsify your own left-leaning Russian dictator ici. 


All images courtesy of Putin's Gay Dress-Up

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